Prophy vs. Perio Maintenance – Which One Is Right For You?

A prophylaxis is a non-therapeutic procedure that is commonly referred to as a dental cleaning. If you have a healthy mouth and do not have periodontal disease, this is the dental service that you receive from your dentist or dental hygienist every six months. This procedure is designed to maintain the health of your mouth and prevent the development of dental diseases.

During this type of cleaning, the tooth crown, which is the part of the tooth above the gum line, is scaled and polished. Doing so removes plaque, stains and tartar from your teeth.

Perio Maintenance is performed on patients who have periodontal disease, which causes an infection within the gums and bone. This treatment is primarily designed to prevent periodontal disease from progressing. It can also prevent against tooth loss and lower your risk for requiring oral surgery. Perio maintenance is typically an ongoing treatment that you receive every three months, although you may require more frequent appointments depending on the severity of the infection.





Prophylaxis is recommended every six months to help maintain healthy gums. Annual x-rays are also important for maintaining proper oral care to check underneath the gums and in between contacts of teeth for tartar buildup.


Periodontal maintenance is performed mainly to remove bacterial toxins, tartar and plaque above and below the gum line. Scaling is performed to scale the root surfaces, eliminate bacteria and toxins and smooth the roots of your teeth.

Even after you have received treatment for periodontal disease and your infection is under control, you will still need to receive regular perio maintenance treatments. This will allow you to maintain the health of your bones, teeth and gums, while also allowing for early and effective treatment in the event your infection worsens.


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