Special Offers

Cosmetic Composite White Fillings

Health Programme aimed at kids and young people. This will include a dental check-up, diet advice and brushing advice.

Tooth Whitening

Your child will receive a complimentary goody bag containing tooth brush, paste and gifts.

Fee Guide

Cosmetic Composite White Fillings
Depending on size from $65.00 to $155.00
Crowns/Veneers from $495.00
All ceramic crowns (E Max/Zircon) from $545.00 to $725.00
Conventional Fixed-Fixed from $495.00 per unit
Maryland (Sticky Bridges) from $285.00 per unit

new-Dental-System-2013Alemany Dental now proudly integrates 3Shape Trios Color Digital Impression Solution within our practice to give our patients a better experience when impressions are needed. From crowns and restorations to night guards and retainers,  the Trios can do it all with no messy impression materials.

When taking impressions, Trios uses high definition image scan to create a 3D model of the teeth in real-time. Featuring Ultrafast Optical Sectioning technology, Trios uses up to 1,000 3D pictures to create geometries based on real data. The scanner captures more than 3,000 2D images per second and does not require dentists to apply spray to coat the patient’s teeth, making scanning fast, accurate and comfortable for patients.  Just another step closer to giving our patients the ultimate experience at Alemany Dental!