Now Introducing CariVu


Alemany Dental proudly offer Dexis CariVu, a compact, portable caries detection device that uses unique, patented transillumination technology. This exciting new product provides the ability to easily detect a range of carious (occlusal, interproximal) lesions and cracks, and yields an easily interpreted image that is stored with other images. Incorporating easily into current workflow, CariVu serves as a valuable adjunct tool for the identification of tooth decay when used with clinical and radiographic examinations. Detecting caries with light has been around for many years but CariVu is the first to utilize near-infrared light to show caries on screen in real time. What this means for you is a safer way to detect a wide range of caries without the use of radiation.

CariVu has a hand piece that fits over your tooth. This hand piece shines bright light directly into the tooth. A digital camera on the unit sends data to our computer so we can put it up on the monitor. CV-CVscreen_sm

In the image, healthy tooth enamel shows off its translucency and appears as a pale ghost, but damaged or decayed enamel is a dark color, showing off as a darker grey or black. This technology can be used in your routine dental checkup to examine concerning but indistinct findings on your x-rays.



CariVu allows us to:

  • See lesions inside the tooth
  • Illuminate damage that exists between teeth
  • Immediately capture useful images of the tooth
  • Take images without radiation
  • Get additional views of suspected damage
  • Catch small lesions in hard-to-see places
  • Be sure treatment is necessary before work begins

CariVu is an ideal complement to diagnostic x-rays. With this new technology, we can ensure nothing is overlooked during your routine exams. For more information, please contact our office.



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